Photosafe camara cop

Bzibee, is caught doing a california stop !

Caught by big brother !


So the other day my husband comes in all chipper ad bouncy saying hey Bzibee how are you? So Bzibee how was your day. He just kept using Bzibee Bzibee Bzibe in all his sentences.  I was thinking what’s up with him ? He’s not normally this chipper and playful. Next thing I know a flash of white some photos and writing come in to my vision. It only took about 3 seconds then I realized I HAD BEEN CAUGHT !

See in VA. we have these annoying electronic big brother cameras who are replacing the traffic cops. YES we have he  PHOTOSAFE cameras at some major intersections. All the singing and dancing jimmy was doing was only to mock me as I had been caught at an intersection doing a California stop ! DANG it  I was so upset with my self but none the less I am notorious at a right hand turn to just check for on coming traffic then hit the gas.

I had a friend look in to options if I could get out of it or not and I did find an interesting fact. If your timing shows there was a delay between photos say 5-7 seconds then you in fact did stop and you might be able to get out of it that way. I also found out that here there is a law you have to have stopped for 10 seconds. I never knew about that law has anyone else?


So tell me have you been caught by the PHOTO POLICE?