Harbor Park and Amtrack !

Catch an Amtrack train at Harbor Park and head to Richmond or Washington by the end of this year. The 5 am pick up service will drop you off at the Staples Mill station by 7 am then on Washington for a 9 am drop off. Trains depart from Washington at 3 pm and arrive back at Harbor Park at 7pm. It will also take riders all the way to Boston. As the need grows there is plans to make this up to 3 trains a day.
Norfolk is currenlty building a 4,000 ft train staition but worries it might not be done in time and riders wil have to use a kiosk to get thier tickets until completion. The cost this this trainride estimated about 50-60 one way to Wahington. If you left out of Newport News the cost currenlty is 33-46.

Tell me would you go for a train ride ?