Six ways to promote the economic recovery

Virginian pilot 1-22-12 interview with Sam Cohen

1 Protect the low income housing tax credit
2 Get credit flowing back in to the housing market
3 Reform apprasial practices and oversight
4 Protect mortgage interest deduction
5 Maintain federal support for housing finance system
6 Preserve affordable down payments and mortgages

I have been a full time Realtor in Hampton Roads for the past 10 years. I have been in the boom the crash and now what we hope is the recovery. Sam has very valid point in his interview. The housing market will carry this economy out of the pit it”s been driven into. It’s part of what created the pit and I think it’s part of what will be the cure. Look over all key points and be aware of politics and policy that could hurt the recovery. I’m paying much closer attention to tax bills and ensuring I tell my local and other officials my opnion.

Story and more information can be found in the Suday edition of the Virginia Pilot or