URBAN Outfitters

Being the”mom” of a 20 something I had the pleasure of knowing about this store sometime ago. B would want to pack up and run to Richmond , NYC or DC to check it out on a regular basis. The store is an interesting place with unique memorabilia remakes. To tell you the truth it reminded me of all things GRANDMA from the 1980″s . You know the Kmart collection. Interesting enough a little recreation and wearing the clothes proud it now is recycled in to “hip” fashion.
We get the sales catalog on a regular basis now and well to be honest the desire is slowing tapering off to dress just like the models. B is merging in to a new style and good for her. We all agreed that the opening of Urban Outfitters will now dilute the coolness of getting the fashion first . It did not matter we had to travel hours to get it. What mattered was being different.
I’m proud to say B has merged in to REAL vintage collections. There is something to be said for a op shop and flea market find. Many times it’s a snip here and a snip there and now updated for the 2012 fashion collection.

I think the store will do well. I’m only concerned with one thing PRICES. They are ridiculous !

Future site is 271 Granby Street Norfolk, Va