I remember the toll both at Witchduck on the interstate and the on ramps having .10 cent tolls when I was growing up. We lived in norfolk and traveled to Kempsville road for Sunday church. I remember getting back on the interstate and my parents having to toss in a dime for the toll.
It looks like they are coming back in Norfolk but not at a .10 cents price.

The new toll during peak time traveling through the mid town tunnel will run you $3.68 round trip. If you make this trip 5 times a week your looking at a cost of $1000.00 a year for commuting. Oh but wait there is more ! The bill will allow increase to that fee starting in 2016 and over the remaining 54 year contract it could go as high as $23.58 for a round trip add that up per year and your looking at $6,100.00! Can you believe this ? WOW I have no idea what this is going to do to our local economy and business who survive on the exchange of city residents for shopping and work. This toll is going to be such a burden to so many people. I even think to some degree you are going to have some job losses and more economic upset to the people who really cannot afford the toll at all.

Do you think we should have tolls again ?