I remember as a kid going to waterside in Downtown norfolk. Its was a magical place for me and I loved to walk around looking at all the cool shops. I remember the Fudge place right in the middle of the mall. They would make chocolate fudge, rings bells and sing a song. For the life of me I cannot remember the exact name or the lyrics but I do remember the experience. Waterside was the place to go during festivals to sit and relax from the crowds it was a beautiful place. Over time Waterside seems to fail and all I saw was a place for bars and cheap stores. I never go there anymore and I dont find anything appealing at all in the shops these days.
There is hope for WATERSIDE ! It looks as if there is going to be a rebirth of the place. In pulbic session there will be a review of 5 new plans for the aging facially.
2 ideas that was written up in the Virginian Pilot on Monday

1. Open and airy modeled after Short Pump in Richmond
2. Waterside beach club and theater

Tell me do you want to see WATERSIDE return to its glory ?