Yes we can say we are both in a good market and a bad market at the same time. You just need to know what aspect is best for you when making your decision.

December Home sales increased YES !!!! This is great news considering at one point the sales were numbers were dropping to almost non existent. But sales are increasing because the prices have fallen so low the bargains people cant pass up. Increase that urgency to capture the good deal with still record low interest rates. We have have 13 months of the median sales price declining for drop of 50k from the 5 year high.

If your trying to sell your home its taking longer and longer to do so and your getting less and less value for it. Currently its about an 111day market on average. When we look at everything together we can see a slow crawl to the bottom. Im not quite sure we are there yet but I can tell you based on what we see its not a speeding bullet to a brick wall anymore.