There is a new bill being proposed. The bill, HB73 is proposed by Del. Dickie Bell, R – Staunton. If a recipient fails to take a drug test or refused the test they will loose benefits for a year unless they enter a treatment program.
Chris Stole was the only republican who was against the vote. Del Chris Head R- Botetourt county said he is not looking to single out welfare recipients but as steward of public money it is the obligation to ensure its being given out wisely.
Some questions why pinpoint only the welfare why not test all recipients of taxpayers money.
The fight is a constitutional battle on pinpointing certain people, some feel its an invasion of your body and rights.

My opinion:
At fist glance I read this and was YES YES ! Test them its true we have to be good stewards of tax payers money. Im sure almost anyone would feel that to be valid and a true statement. After all there is so much government waste its amazing we are not bank rupt. OH wait we almost are…… Anyway back to the topic. Its a good thing I kept reading the article. Im almost on the fence now about pinpointing one type of community program for the test. I agree maybe anyone or agency that get taxpayer money should be included in the testing .
Tell me what do you think ? To test to not ?