Love to drive on the beach ?

Watch for new changes on being able to off road on Cape Hatteras national shoreline. Starting February 2012 its going to cost you. An annual permit is going to run you $90-$150, or a weekly permit $30-$50, in addition to a 7 minute video your required to watch. 26 miles of the 67 miles beach front will also be off limits. This new rule starts February 15th
The debate is wildlife against business owners. Green organization applaud the rules stating the wildlife is growing abundantly since restrictions were put in place in 2008. Business owners are frustrated as they see tourism slowing down and there economy crawling at a slow pace.

Weekenders to the area beware there is no one-two day pass for driving. Its best to plan for this in the budget when vacationing in the outer banks this year.

What do you think ,was this for the GREEN of the animals or the GREEN of revenue ?