Getting my garden ready

Something I have always wanted to do was compost. I have no idea why I have not done it or thought it was to hard to do. Its just plan simple to pitch the right trash in the right bin and bingo you have compost right ?
1. Get a bin or set up a corner in your back yard and chicken wire it off to create a container. No yard ? There are special compost containers for apartment dwellers and you can buy worms to speed up the process .
2. What to toss in – This brown and green. Newspaper, leaves , grass clippings. Waste food scrpas vegetables, fruit peels, coffee grounds. Both these types of material offer the Carbon and Nitrogen needed to create good compost.

If your going to toss your pile a lot then use 2 times as much green as brown compost. A little lazy us a 50-50 mixture. You want to avoid rot and stink so getting this mixture right with the amount of turning in important.

Here is another GREAT blog to check out on the subject Dr. Dirt
Supplies :
The soilsaver-
The compost tumbler
The classic tower.

Are you going to try it this year ? Lets compare success !