Her first apartment

We are happy and sad in the Creamer house this week. Our almost 21 year old daughter has signed a lease on her first place. I was happy to help her locate a small studio apartment in Ghent and full fill a dream she has been talking about for the last year. Its going to be hard to move her things to the new place today. Dad and I are in a bit of emotional limbo and bounce from we are good with it to NO stay. Im pretty certain she has no idea of the emotion passing though our brains.

Friday night was a lesson in buying curtains. Its took almost 1.5 hours to discuss the pro’s and cons of pre packaged over made curtains. Does she buy shades, mini blinds or heavy drapes. Do we choose rods, or traditional curtains rods, should spring rods be an option. I tried to quietly sit back and let her daddy do all the talking. In retrospect now I think it was Dad trying to let go but something about getting her to listen to him and understand what he was saying was more then a conversation about curtains. Im thinking now it was a conversation of love and care. He wanted so much for her to hear him, take his advice and really understand what he was trying to tell her. I think this was more about him wanting her to listen to him as a father and less about curtains.

Im not certain the emotions she is feeling. See she is a quite reserved person who really does not express feelings. I hope she can tell us if she is scared or wants me to stay the night with her every so often. I would just so she feels safe.

This morning I started to pack up some groceries we have in the house. I gathered utensils and measure cups we have that are extra. I packed up a few cook books and appliances she would be needing. We have a lot to do today but I hope it takes a long time. This is the last night she will stay in our house. We are moving her bed tomorrow and its surreal at this moment.

Im doing everything I can to not say a lot about her choices and let her be in charge. Its her place , her life and her decision. My concern is she will not get the money right she will be dead broke and have to learn a lesson the hard way. I guess its not so bad after all we all had to do that in our life right ? She is talking about a NYC trip next week and all I want to so is SCREAM NO !!!!! Even if someone is paying you just got an apartment you have so much to buy you can’t afford a trip to NYC. I have to pull back I have to let her decided and I have to let her be broke !