Do you need a job ?
There is good news and bad news on that topic. For the first time in 3 years we have record low unemployment in the US. Since January 2008 when the unemployment rate started to climb we are finally seeing some progress in the job market. January 2012 was the month that brought the lowest percentage rate in 3 years. 243,000 new job were added last month in the US.
Lets hope to see the same trend in February. Some believe it was inflated by seasonal jobs due to warm weather. Construction job contributed greatly to the increase. Other areas of job growth were manufacturing and professional positions such as accounting and engineering , leisure and healthcare.
Recovery was officially declared in June of 2009 from the recession but to stay on this trend we will need 100k jobs a month added.

My recap on a story in the Virginian Pilot 2-4-12