Do you and your home have the winter blues ?

Take some of the great tips on getting just the right light to brighten your space and your mood.
1 PAINT !!!! I love how fast paint can change a room from drab to fab. In just a weekend you’ll feel like you have a brand new home. Not time for a big project then pain just one wall.
2. Clean your windows to gain more natural light.
3. Change your window treatments to bright or shear fabrics.
4. Use brighter light bulbs
5. Shift your accessories from one room to another. Walk around your home and decided what you can pull from one room to another to jazz it up. If you liked it for the bedroom and its appropriate bring it to the den or living room.
6. Move curtains around in the house.
7.Mirrors !!!!!!
8.Green plants, flowers and nature add elements that evoke life and spring
9. Move furniture around and find a new focal point in the room
10. Smell and sounds can change a mood. Try fresh spring scents for candles
11. DE-CLUTTER ! This one piece of advice can make you and your room fee lighter