Was your 2012 resolution to get organized ?

We are in the 2nd month of the year and I wanted to know how are you doing with it ? I have to be honest Im failing miserably !
Lets review some tips to get your back on track

1. Change your behavior not just your calendar todo. I always feel like if I have it written in a task Ill do it. Im a check list kind of person and thought this would be the best way to handle all my todo so I stay organized. FAIL ! It did not work as my behavior of not looking at the list kicked in and all the pretty task were for gotten about after I wrote them all down.
2. Its time to make sure you have a place for all the things you want to keep. This included that great new task list we just talked about in #1. I have to change my behavior and maybe putting that list in a place Ill see it everyday could be helpful. This this a step further and trash the stuff that is weighing you down and only keep the things that clearly have a home and space in your life.
3. Don’t get caught up in the SUPER details. So you organized your nail polish to on drawer. GOOD FOR YOU now your stuff on getting them in color blocks. STOP !!!! If you try to over organize you will loose steam and give up or realize you don’t live in a department store. Make your life easy and just group like kind things in the same spot.
4.PAPERS every where ? Try taking a 3 hole punch and tabs with a binder. If you think you need to keep it punch it then and place in the correct place in the binder.
5. Look at other organizers you might have not and reuse them in to more useful ways.
A. Shoe organizer for clothing accessories , towels, or small items
B. Show boxes for utensils or underused kitchen items you can tuck away for later use
6. can you clearly look at something and decipher a need over a want ? I know its hard sometimes, this simple step can keep the clutter from creeping in on you.

Hope this helps you. Do you have any great tips on being organized ? Please share in comments.