I love the Thrift store, Charity shop, Op- Shop or what ever you want to call them these days. I make a good living and could very well be at Barnes and Noble paying full price for the most current books just like many. I choose to stay classic and frugal. I love cookbooks, and I love a bargain. My weeks meal plan came from a cool Better Homes and Gardens Blender Cook Book I picked up. I plan on trying out some cool classic dishes this week.

Avocado Shrimp dip
Potato Cakes
Carrot cheddar bake
Bacon and onion bread
Tomato cheese muffins
Lemon bars

This recipe book was published in 1971. It was pretty cool to look at the selection of menus. I noticed a bit of a trend when it came to processed cheese. I passed on those.

What is your favorite cookbook ?