Why choose Keller Williams as a place to work ?

We outpace the national average for units closed per NAR and Canadian markets
The average GCI for KW agents increased 16 percent
83 % of the market centers are profitable
38 million dollars in profit was shared with its associates last year an increase by 11%
3.3 Million dollars was donated back to the agent by the agents for KW cares
We are global
Training almost everyday
Family like support
Great Relationships
Excellent profit sharing
We are on pace to take out REMAX as being the #1 company in the WORLD

I know every office is different and the mood and the feel is captured by the agents. I also know the when leadership is in he right place and they set the bar for all associates to follow it will build a better office. IF you have thought about a change in the way you r do business and your tired of feeling like a dot on a map with no meaning to your career I urge you to check out Keller Williams. If your in Hampton Roads come to Keller Williams Hilltop and meet me. Id love to share with you how making the change to KW has changed my out look on my business and has grown my bottom line in my check book.
Visit my profile ( Alison Creamer) and ask me anything about KW and why you need to take time to look in to this company.