Have you been to the Leaping Lizard Cafe on Shore Dr. in Virginia Beach ? I had lunch there yesterday and what a treat. Let me give you some tips.
Check the hours its only open right now from 11:30-3:30 mon- fri and sunday 10:30 – 2:00.
Go early or go late because peak time you will not find parking and you will wait for a seat. Its a tiny place that packs out very very fast. Im not sure but I think they might have more hours in the spring and summer. There is seating outside if its a nice day.
The menu is amazing ! I was pretty much drooling over every option and would have loved to had a bite of it all.
I ordered a mushroom and artichoke half sandwich on home made rosemary bread, with a bowl of shrimp gumbo. The plate also came with a small serving of potato salad and a side salad.
I hate to admit this but I was not 100% impressed with the sandwich. I was hoping for cooked mushrooms and a bit more creamy cheese. It was on toasted bread with a sun dried tomato spread. It was good but not amazing. My side salad was lovely and the soup was excellent. We topped the lunch off with an amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a slice of carrot cake. The cookie was more like a saucer, thick warm and gooey right out of the oven. I would suggest if they have them when you are there get some and a few to go !