Can you make your home safer ?

Set your water heater temp at 120
Install a smoke detector
Service your gas appliances regularly
Service your HVAC system
Mark edges of your outside steps with reflective tape
Keep emergency numbers easy to find and posted
Declutter hallways for easy egress
Motion sensor light for out doors
Brighter light at stairwells
Use LED bulbs for highest lighting but with in wattage requirements
Night lights
Rocker style wall switches
Fix broken steps
handrails installed
clear the clutter
Secure loose carpeting
Good lighting in the tub area
Install grab bars
Non slip matts in the tub
Place a stool in the shower if you sit to bath
All outlets should have GFCI protection
Remove the lock from the bathroom door
Clean up spills immediately
All outlets should be GFCI protected
Check appliance cords for fraying
Don’t leave kitchen while cooking
Dress proper for cooking with no loose sleeves
Dont leave candles burning
Remove items from heating vents
Check all your drawers have guide stops
Never smoke in bed
Never dump smoldering ashes in trash
Keep portable heaters away from cloth
Test smoke detectors monthly
Devise a fire safety plan for the family