I have a question. When do you think the Tide will be extended to Virginia Beach ?

Amazing growth in ridership for the light rail is proving to be a success. It was estimated about 2900 people would ride it daily. What’s happening is over 4600 on weekdays and 4800 on Sundays are taking advantage of the new public transportation. I personally have been on it up to 10 times I love it and I wish Virginia Beach would extend it all the way to the beach. It would be amazing if it went to some of the military bases.

Do you ride the light rail, if so what impact has it had on your daily life ? I recently had a daughter move with to a new apartment with in 3 blocks of the light rail. I love it, I park at the Newtown lot and ride all the way to EVMS to visit her. With the cost of gas and parking It saves me money, wear and tear on my car and the stress of traffic. I plan to ride the tide every time I head to norfolk if I can. Its a great way to relax and avoid traffic problems.