Bookers Brew and Cafe

I love this !!! booker T Washington high is teaching real life skills to the students. Special Education students will get the opportunity to know what is in store for them once High School is complete. When they come to the cafe its a real job. These students get to understand customer service, business skills and relationship skills be tween the customer and employee. I think this is an amazing opportunity for them. the coffee shop is located in the former book room and is open for business on the 1&2 period of the day. The cafe serves, hot beverages, oatmeal, and snacks to the teachers.
This is an amazing collaboration with in the educational system. The Cafe employees are learning a valuable skill and the main stream students now have a different connection with them as well. This has also been profitable and the Students divid the tips. Can you imagine he sense of accomplishment these students feel ? Its a wonderful and amazing program I would love to see more schools take advantage of. Go BOOKER T WASHINGTON for seeing the value in this program !