Kids and Gun safety !

WTF !!!!! Amazing how people can be so stupid. Im not someone who thinks guns are bad or they need to be banned. I think people do need the right to bear arms, with in measure. Thats an entirely different blog topic. What Im up in arms about today is SB389 that got killed when it reached the house of delegates.
David Marsten’s bill that would have banned “look a like” guns at school was killed with a 4-1 vote and no discussion.
REALLY !!!!! Wow I cannot imagine what they are thinking. So banning pneumatic guns that fire bb’s or similar pellets from gas cylinders from schools and buses is not a good idea ?
When one of the types of guns was shown as an example its clear they look very real. I would think any law enforcement officer faced with this would think there life is in danger and would shoot in defense. OMG Im ranting but these people are flipping stupid ! WHy in the heck would they think its okay to take something like that to school or on buses ?
Okay parent when your kid gets blown to bits because they point a toy gun at an officer but the officer could not tell it was a toy don’t be upset !