Identity protection

Im pretty certain my readers don’t know this about me but when I read recent article and I heard a news story I felt the need to at least open the door to my VA friends.
Im a prepaid legal member and I have the options to assist in helping others get this policy as well. I don’t push it and i don’t talk about it a lot but I know the value.
I have a policy that covers family as well as my business.

A recent artical by Carolyn Shapiro in the Virginia Pilot highlighted this gorwing issue and it made me think to share this program here on my blog. I dont like to approach people with the sales tactic ” Would you like to buy insurance”. We all know that answer to that is 95% ar resounding NO . However when put in a manner that does make you think deeper about the protection and the world we live in now you might actually consider at least asking more quesitons.

The FTC received more complaints about Identity theft then any other type of problem in 2011. This was the 12 consecutive year this has been the #1 issues for complaints.
FTC reports 279156 complaints about stolen personal information. Virginia ranked 5th in genral fraud complaints. That number for Va identity complaints was 5416.

Medical fraud is starting to become one of the fastest growning theft. I had never thought about it till I was introduced to some terriable stories of how it affected people. There is also Postal fraud.

If you want to know more about a very very low cost option that not only monitors your identity on many levesl like Medical, Postal and Financial fraud and it will RESTORE your indentity not just motitor it send me a mesage. I would be happy to send you a DVD you can watch in the privacy of your own home then meet with you about questions. This is not the same as your bank or credit card and this is not like that company I think its called safe lock or something. Its much deeper and more aggressive back by the company that the government used to pursue Sadam Hussains finances .