Social TV
Remember the days when it was just you and your family in the living watching a good TV show. Laughing and enjoying the moment ? It was a time to bond with your loved ones. In the world of social media and smart phones this has all changed. We have become a society that needs to involve not only our family but the world with every thing we do. Soon we will all have a second screen to watch as we enjoy our TV. Its called a “back- channel conversation” Places like Twitter and Facebook are well known for share your thoughts about whats going on in your life, but have you checked out GET GLUE ? This social media site allows you to “checkin” when you watching tv or a movie. You can post a comment and watch the stream of what others are saying online about the show.
The creators of the shows are watching this and popularity of comments. The show Walking Dead had over 850k social media post about it. The Super Bowl had about 12 million comments , The royal wedding’s buzz about 252 tweets a minute, and 8800 tweets per minute posted when Beyonce revealed she was pregnant.
Have you seen talk bubble ? Bravo led the way with ability to post and view the activity during the show. The Voice has tweets posted about the episode on the screen and project runway used tweets to encourage viewers to buy the products.

Source inspriation Source:3-26-12 The Virginia Pilot The Daily break
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