Tour de Consignment
Oh my how in the world did I miss this great tour bus ? Seems it was a hot item and sold out pretty quickly.
Tickets were 75 per person for a luxury tour bus food goodies and a tour of this great shops

Boulevard treasures
Double take
Chic cheap resale boutique
Echoes of time costumes and vintage clothing
B. Original
The Knapsack Children consignment
Ditto Backatcha Boutique
VB repeats

The number of resale stores has grown by 7% the past 2 years. Studies show 15-18% of Us consumers will shop at a Thrift store annually and 12-15 % will patronize consignment reslae shops.

How do you feel about consignment stores ? Im the youngest of 4 so 2nd hand and hand me down was pretty much what I got most of my like anyway. As an adult with a good income I was able to start buying retail and for a while it was fun. Over time I would walk the mall or major department store and realize we all look like the maniquines dressed and there was nothing unique or exciting. I also realized the hefty price tag and thats when I started heading back to my old ways. Consignments and Thrift is not just for clothes, some people find it hard to dig through piles of stuff to find a treasure. I have found some amazing things at the stores like

Cashmere Sweaters
Real Silver Candle sticks
Beautiful basket
Art and stunning frames
Sewing material and art supplies
Pink Depression glass
Leather purses
Tons of Princess House
A lid for my crockpot that broke
I normally will buy clothes from stores like
Ann Kline
Diana Buckman
Lilly Pultzer
Any more ! !!!!
It does take some time to look at things and you have to be patient but you can find some amazing home decor for your home and high end clothing for you !