This past weekend I decided I wanted to make homemade chicken broth. I lucked out on a ton of chicken that was on sale so I bought 12 large breast. Some to grill and some to boil. I get tired of buying prepackaged boxed items and since we are having baby I figure the chemicals cant be good anyway. Since we pre cooked all the chicken my week also seems a bit easier with meal planning.
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken soup
Chicken pot pie
Chicken salad ( if we have enough)
I also find when making these kinds of recipes we can stretch that chicken a lot farther.

So this is what I came up with. I really wish I had taken photo graphs.

4 Large Breast
1 Onion
4 Ribs of celery
3 Large carrots
2 Bay leaves
a Few shakes of dill
3 Sprigs of Thyme
1 Large sprig of Rosemary
1 Large table spoon of chopped Garlic
Salt and Pepper

Fill pot with water and let cook 4-5 hours Cool and skim fat off top of broth

I shredded about 1.5 cups of chicken and put in bottom of pan
3 medium red potatoes chopped and steamed in microwave till soft
1 large carrot and 1/2 cup of bell mushrooms sautéed
ADD ALL To the pan with the chicken

Normally would have made a nice creamy sauce for the pot pie. I wanted to use up all the vegetable from the stock. I put them all in a vitamix blender added some stock and 2 table spoons of flour to thicken. I let blend for 4-5 min then put in a pot and finished cooking on the stove top to ensure all the flour taste was cooked out. Once thick I added to the pot of chicken and vegetables.
Top with your favorite crust ( I made homemade)

My husband loved it and I think it was just a good if not better then the original style pot pie. I felt like I was serving healthier options. The vegetable puree was creamy and savory. It was a beautiful butternut squash color. If we did not put curst on it I would have said this was the healthiest potpie I have ever made. Only 2 table spoons of butter and no milk in it at all.

Here is the pureed vege gravy