Here on the east coast in Virginia its about 7:45 in the morning. So I’m starting this off with GOOD MORNING YA’LL .

Being 5 months pregnant the food hunger is starting to kick in more and more but the abilty to think of something good to eat still eludes me. So far I find that carbs salt and cheese are some of my staples. Sweets are not hitting the spot, however a bag of sweet sixteen powdered doughnuts might do the trick.

This morning eggs, pancakes, cereal all sounded yucky. Searching through the cabinets I was inspired but yes CARBS, and CHEESE. Remember Cheese toast ?



Slices of french bread cut on the diagonal with my CUTCO Slicing knife. Love that knife. Top with ( extra sharp) Kraft Cheese. YUUMMMM
Oh I loved that in high school. It made an easy toast and go option for the mornings I was running late. I also spied some watermelon I have been munching on ( with feta). DONT SAY GROSS ITS QUITE YUMMY.
Last but not least a good glass of WHILE milk. We started getting milk delivered from Oberweis Dairy this past year. Let me tell you the skim taste like 2% and the whole it well heavenly !


Breakfast is served !