I bought this sundress last year from H&M. It quickly became a favorite of mine. Even with an expanding pregnant belly it looks great on.

I was so upset one day to find a stain on it that looked like I had spilled Chocolate right on the belly. I had to figure a way to refashion it and I did not want to take it apart. SItting in my closet was a white long sleeve t-shirt that just need to be cut to shot sleeve for the summer. Bingo there was my inspiration. What you can’t get out COVER UP !!!!

I used my Sizzix cutter and grabbed a flower petal. Cutting 25-30 flowers I layered bunched and sewed them anywhere there was a stain. Then filled the rest to add pizzaz. Now I have my favorite dress back. Come to think of it I think I like it better with the flowers over being plain anyway.