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As I reach the 38th week this little bugger is till BREECH. Im kinda flipping out and in a panic as the OB says whelp looks like a c section !!!!
WTF csection ? NO NO NO not if I can help it. Here is the new course of action for me

1. Webster method at the Chiropractor- Help line my pelvis and stretch my round ligaments. Ill go as many times as I can to ensure I have done what I can.
2. I am trying some options from Spinning babies- Inversion 15-20 seconds 3-4 times a day.
3. If I can I ll go to a community pool and do some inversion there as well.
4. Im setting an appointment in the 39+ maybe 40th week to do a manual inversion at the doctors office. The hope is all the stretching and aligning I have done if she did not turn on her own she may have room to settle in and its successful.
5. Last resort Im telling the OB i will NOT set a date for a c section I will wait till the baby decided its time to come out and we will then go in for one.

I have watched the Business of being born by Riki Lake. What an eye opener. I feel many moms don’t take the time to educate them selves on birthing options. Maybe they do and still choose to take the doctors advice. I wanted to be able to ask more questions about why what and how.

If our country is so great with medicine then why are we one of the countries with the higest mortality rate in the maternity ward ?

Interesting 2011 facts on cesarean rate

Alarming rates of c sections

Interesting snippet that caught my eye.


Maybe Im just reading to much. I know if this baby does not turn ill have to do a c section. Im okay with this as its would be a needed surgery for my safety and the baby’s healthy. I will NOT just set a date though.