I’m sitting here watching the news stressing about all the terrible cases of influenza this year. And how it is going to be a terrible year with a peek and drastic illnesses. I’m a new mom and the baby is only eight weeks old I did not get a flu shot while I was pregnant. Now I’m panicking wondering if I should or shouldn’t. I do exclusive breast-feeding and I’m hoping that that will help in case I do get sick so that it’s not so bad on her.

I’ve never had the flu and I’ve never had a flu shot. I’m basically staying in for the entire winter and limiting any exposure to public places. I do try to wash my hands quite a bit and I think I’ll pick up some antibacterial gel. I don’t really have many visitors and I’m doing everything I can to keep her in a bubble.

So what’s your take for getting the flu shot and introducing bacteria and viruses to my body. If I don’t get the flu shot and I get sick it could be worse. Getting the flu shot or not getting the flu shot will that increase my child’s exposure.