This lovely photo is posted on my Instagram and Facebook streams. Have you ever felt that its just to much information streaming to your brain ? I’m a social media addict and I love to see what is going on in people’s worlds. I typically use social media to promote my real estate practice as well as stay I touch with clients and friends. It’s going to be hard but I have decided I will not be posting or checking Facebook and Instagram for the summer. It’s back to using my time wisely and only have a few places to use as an outlet. ll be blogging more here and my other blog http://www.bzibee.blogspot.com this summer. It’s gotten to the point I’m so wrapped up in posting and watching that I have disconnected my self from “smelling the roses in my own backyard”. It’s time to focus and stay focused on less things. I also realize I’m seeing to much of people’s lives. I focus on checking my loved ones pages and I see things I totally disagree with. It’s just to much information out there and people sometimes share way to much. Was shocked to see drug use , vulgar dancing, vulgar language and more. I guess I’m just sick of seeing what the world finds acceptable these days. Im no angel but I’ve done my time and I see where choices take people. I think I’d rather blog as this is a bit more of a one way street. I can choose to read someone’s blog if it interest me. It won’t just pop up in my feed with photos of things I don’t want to know.