TINY starts preschool in a few weeks. It’s just a tiny toddler class for a few hours twice a week. I’m happy and sad about this because she is growing up.
Her list of items for school included a back pack big enough for a standard folder. ( translation …. Huge for a tiny ). I’m a Pinterest addict ( yes I really am) so of course this was my go to place looking for DIY options.
This project was my first attempt at making my own pattern, making my own piping, and putting in a zipper.
Back pack tut

I made a TON OF MISTAKES BUT IM STILL HAPPY. It’s useable and well it was a labor of love. It’s a good thing TINY has no opinion yet or she could reject wearing it.

Mistake one
Lopsided band !!! Opps didn’t realize I sewed it like that.

Mistake two
My zipper was not positioned right. I have a hole at the end.

Mistake three
Handles and straps are a bit off.

I am still super excited by the way it turned out anyway.




So my lesson on this backpack is to mark where you want things to lineup, measure them more than once and base stitch and confirm placement.