Recently I took Tiny to Greenbean at Hilltop in Virginia beach. It’s a wonderful building with tons of toys for the children with different theme sections. They have a kitchen, music, coloring section and of course they have a dress-up section with aprons in the Disney theme.

While standing there with a couple other mommies who were saying “dress up aprons would be so much easier”.
I couldn’t help myself and thought I can make that !
As soon as I got home I started checking my beloved Pinterest. I came across this tutorial.
eight aprons one pattern
Using fabric that I had on hand I wasn’t able to get a Disney theme but overall the concept was pretty easy.
Well here it is. I made a few adjustments but overall it was easy to do. The only mistake I made was the top part of the apron I cut wrong, it should have been a sweetheart neckline.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a photo of a moving toddler these days.