I take tiny to see her grandmother on Tuesdays. Some reason this morning I completely forgot. In the midst of getting up early answering some real estate emails my Tiny slept in. I took that as a prime time to sew a quick dishtowl holder. (See previous post).
About 930am my phone rings and it’s my hubby in a panic asking if I’m okay. Of course I’m thinking “I’m perfectly fine why”, then it hits me I forgot to take tiny to her grandmother and everybody was worried.

So I race out the door take Tiny to her grandmother and hit up Panera for about an hour or two. That’s where the day went south. 45 minutes into my Panera trip I needed to heave so bad I ran to the bathroom. Not quite sure if I ended up with food poisoning from that spinach artichoke soufflé.

Thank God it only lasted an hour or two. I figured since I was feeling better I would check my Pinterest board for something to sew for me.

Today the sewing was for me. This free pattern is located on Purlbee and it’s called city gym shorts


Still trying to lose the baby weight so elastic waist bands are really not my friend. They seem to make me feel even puffier. But these are great shorts for around the house.