I never know what I’m going to cook for dinner from day today. I have general ideas but never is it clearly defined until I start cooking. I’m very well aware of what I have in my refrigerator so this makes it pretty easy to just get inspired with the ingredients I have on hand.
I find myself browsing recipes based on the ingredients I know I have or even leftovers that I have.
Recently I dried out a lot of our tomatoes that we’ve been getting off the vine and my inspiration came from that.

Cheese penne original recipe
After seeing this recipe I realized I had just about everything for it. I skipped the chicken and added spinach.


IMG_5704.JPGOf course I always have my trusty iPad with my Pinterest board open. Can’t you see how careful I am so darn close to that burner.
So the final results we loved it. I’ll definitely keep this recipe is one I’ll try again.