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Becca Thinks Too Much

Wake up and get your blood flowing with this easy scrub made from household ingredients.

I’m a big fan of body scrubs. There’s something so satisfying about removing layers of dead skin cells and revealing smoother, more beautiful skin. I’ve seen a lot of hype around the frank original coffee scrub that claims to target cellulite, stretch marks, and a variety of other skin conditions. I have yet to try it because I’ve never found a body scrub that was really worth the money, but I decided to add coffee grounds to my DIY body scrub and I love it!


Coffee grounds


Agave nectar

Coconut oil


I start off with equal parts coffee grounds and white granulated sugar (about 1/2 cup each). Sometimes I use brown sugar if I want something that smells a bit richer, but it can be a bit more rough on the skin. I also make sure to use…

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