QUICK DIY…. Love that it’s and up cycle project .

Simplified Glamour

Hello world 🙂

So while I was MIA for the last month (I honestly didn’t even realize it was that long until now, oops!), one of the things I tried out was a DIY project that I found off Pinterest.

As a part of my simplification and de-cluttering of my life, I wanted someways to minimize clutter on my desk, and I came upon this picture frame organizer which I thought was pretty cool:

Picture Frame Organizer from The Wishful Tinker


There wasn’t very much instructions included in the original post, but it seemed pretty straight forward, so I decided to attempt it anyways 🙂



I have included some pictures of the process in case anyone is interested 🙂

IMG_8349IMG_8348  IMG_8351


I covered the glass completely with the cloth as the first step, and then attached each layer with fabric glue.

A tip for anyone who is looking…

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