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Uses: This licorice fragranced oil is used for a variety of purposes that don’t necessarily follow with the most common properties of the oil. It is an anti-parasitic, and antiseptic, diuretic and expectorant. It’s variability is clear as it has been used to help with constipation, but was awarded to warriors anciently as a symbol of strength, courage and longevity. Fennel works most effectively on the internal organs helping to keep them healthy.

Application: Fennel should be applied directly without dilution topically to the area of concern, it can also be diffused. Fennel can be taken internally, but this form of use is less common. Can be applied topically, taken internally and diffused aromatically.

Additional Notes: If susceptible to epilepsy Fennel should be used with caution. Fennel should also be used with caution during pregnancy and can cause over sensitization if used too often.

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