so I decided to do a little selfish sewing this week.I don’t have a lot of patterns but the ones I do have I’ve kept for over 20 years. And some even longer. It’s been at least 15 years since I’ve looked at this McCall’s pattern and it was calling me to test and try again. I’m really afraid of selling for myself. Sewing for myself is a nightmare most times. The items are either way too big, way too small or just not right. It is a lot easier selling for a toddler.

I had this hot pink and orange striped knit material sitting in my closet for the last year and figured why not if it doesn’t work I can always cut it up and make tights for my little one.

To my surprise it worked perfect I’m absolutely tickled with the fit and finish. Next time I’ll slim in the waistline just to touch and tighten the sleeves up to make it more feminine.