Being a mom of a toddler we love to track her growth. I have all the doctor appointments that showed how she was growing as an infant but when she hit one-year-old I started using a paper chart in her room. It just wasn’t quite my style and I figured it wouldn’t hold up to the test of time.

 I have a cricket and thought I would cut out the dates from vinyl and put it on the wall in our house. I never got around to doing that.

I’m a real estate agent  and when I go into a house and see the markings on the walls of children that live there it always makes me a little sad. These monumental charts are left behind never to be seen by the family that so lovingly took the time to put them on the wall.

One day going through my beloved Pinterest site I came across this large wooden ruler and thought this is perfect.

I begged hubby to take a few hours on a Saturday and put this beautiful wooden ruler together for me. 

The results are better than I expected. I  Can’t wait to start tracking my little Tiny’s height. I’ll still use my circuit to cut out the height in a different color vinyl to put on the ruler.

Inspiration for this ruler can be found here. 

Oversize ruler