It really bites to work so hard on something and it will not fit.

I measuered and used a size 3 YES 3 times bigger then my ready to wear. This was from Mccalls 5857 pattern for shorts.  I was concerned they might still be a little bit too small as I started to place the pattern pieces on my body just a test. I figured what the heck let’s keep going. I had the hardest time working on the zipper because I’ve never done one like this before. Thanks to a thread banger  video it made it completely simple and easy to understand. After getting the waistband on I started to go ahead and do the trial set. And that’s when he realized these are not going to work.

As I started to slip them on the sinking feeling of all the hard work I did on the shorts were in vain. You know that feeling when you realize they’re going up just underneath your breast and you realize these are going to look terrible. They are a bit like old-school mom jeans. Well that’s what happened after putting these on. Now if I was superslim they would be totally cute. But for now this mom has to lose about 20 pounds in order to slip in the shorts and enjoy them. I’m still glad I tried the pattern I learned a few new techniques that I can plan other things and for now I’m just gonna find another pattern that size is right and see if I can make shorts again.