What a nasty rainy day here in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Virginia


Virginia Beach Virginia


It’s dinner time and once again I’m racing around to try to figure out what in the world I’m going to cook my family that’s not fast food, that’s not prepackaged, and  it’s not full of junk. We can make two sometimes three meals from a rotisserie chicken. Thank goodness we had most of the chicken breast left over from last nights meal.

Once again Pinterest saved me for inspiration. I searched chicken and dumplings and so many wonderful recipes came up. The photos were just mouth watering. I knew I had all the ingredients to make it back to work.

I had 6 cups of bone broth already made as the base. The dumpling recipe came from the site. But I did have to substitute plain Kiefer instead of buttermilk. I also only made half the  amout of dumplings in the recipe. It was looking a little bland so I chopped up some carrots as well.

I did not follow the chicken recipe but just took inspiration from it. Since my bone broth was so delicious by itself I didn’t feel the need to add too many seasonings. Instead I added a half a lemon juice, salt and pepper a little garlic powder and parsley flakes.

inspired by eatathomecooks.com