I was a Kool-Aid kid back in the 70s. Never thought twice about all the chemicals I was sucking down. Of course since having a little one around I now pay a lot of attention to the garbage that is put and snuck into our products.

We’re really tired of drinking water and I couldn’t find anything else but pure sweet juices to offer my little one. So today looking around my kitchen I thought wow I had all the ingredients to make strawberry lemonade.

I took four lemons and peeled them completely and place them in my vita mix blender. I added a little bit of water and turned it on high speed for about two minutes. I then ran the mixture through a nut bag to strain out pulp and seeds.

Next I blended on high for two minutes half a cup of sugar and water to make sure it was purely dissolved. I then added the lemon back to the blender and put four large strawberries in. The last step was a handful of ice and blend it for about a minute. Perfect blend!



What are some of your favorite Vita-Mix blended juices for the summer ?