Holy moly I cannot believe this actually worked.

Look at this delicious beautifully cook hard-boiled egg. And do you notice in the background how beautifully shaped all the other ones are. Thank you so much to Pinterest and this link. Steamed eggs

I’m on a mission to find a good hard boiled egg recipe. I’m so tired of my eggs not peeling and half of the meat stays inside the shell. I don’t do hard boiled eggs, or deviled eggs anymore because it was such a waste.

Thank goodness to trustee Pinterest. I set the search came across the link and had to try it.


I set up the steamer pot let them steam for 20 minutes soak them in Icewater. 

And when the author of the post said she could peel them with one hand will guess what you can ! 
Off to make a wonderful bowl of egg salad.