I’m celebrating my 43rd birthday today. I can’t believe I’m already on a journey  closer to my 50s. I love my 40s, I’ve exceeded at almost everything I ever dreamed of. I’m excited about where my life is going and where I have been.

So this morning I decided to take a natural picture the reality of 43 isn’t that bad.

I’ve been blessed to celebrate motherhood in my 40s ,while I would’ve loved to of had children earlier in life I couldn’t be happier.

I’m more confident and more secure with myself as the years grow I realize it’s not about what everybody else thinks.

My faith journey has become more solid and consistent.  I find myself a lot more prayerful for this little girl my husband and I are raising. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing one child grow into their 20s and I realize how fast these times go.

So as I wake up today at the age of 43 I’m excited about the next 10 20 30 years. I’ve only grow in confidence security and deeper in love with the people that mean the most to me.

That’s not to say a little help from my friends Mac and DIOR can’t  help to add a little spring in my step some mornings.