Sewing is my Therapy ….. Seriously that and detail organizing stuff. I dont know why but when I have torn out my pantry, or craft room and rebuild it I always feel like I have accomplished something.

I have been in need a some MENTAL down time and I really did not want to sit and watch the boob tube !  For me to feel like I have relaxed and accomplish something I normally turn to sewing or crafting.

Looking at my material I had this really cute Thrift pillowcase with duckies all over it. It was super sized so I knew I would have enough material to make these Jammies for Tiny.  I decided on size 4 for the pattern size and started to cut. ( my least favorite part of the process )

I tore the case apart and pressed it then laid out my pattern. The pants were to long for the materials so I left the pillow case hem and cut around it. ( SHORT CUT YEA , no hemming the pants now !  When I got to the top I realized I was short a small amount for the top yoke but again SAVED by scraps I had some extra yellow in my stash. I also had to sew the front bottom as I did not have enough to place on the fold. I jazzed it a bit with embroidering ( with my Janome Memory craft 1100) using Orange thread BABY DUCK on  the front

Baby Duck Jammies
Baby Duck Jammies
I did not like the top construction. I think next time Im going to face the neck line and make it a V neck. Its seem to tight about my littles neck. The pants were a perfect fit even with cutting them to short.  I have a think little girl so she has the body of a 4 year old but I guess not the height for some patterns

Love the pants patter and I think Ill have to make a few more out of flannel for winter. I see a slew of holiday cute prints in my future for Tiny.

What do you think ? Isn’t she a cute BABY DUCK

Baby Duck Jammies