I am a shopaholic when it comes to thrift stores. I know it’s crazy but I buy patterns a lot because I like the classics. They typically run me a 1. 98 and for me the best part a lot of it is already cut out.

With all that being said there are so many patterns I find that are brand-new and never opened. I guess people’s intentions are good but they never get around to sewing it.

I started on the simplicity pattern and it looks rather simple. My only problem with these patterns is the measurements typically need to be altered. It seems you only know that after you’ve made one. I’m not experienced enough to know how to adjust a pattern before I test it. 

I also decided that my little one is big enough now for her dolls to start matching her clothes. 


The patterns are rather simple, and I understand them completely. My issues are in adjustments. The finished top felt like it was too big for her. The shoulder seems appear to drop and the sleeves were way too long even though I adjusted them for length. Maybe it’s just too big all the way around and it’ll be a perfect shirt come spring.

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