I am getting better and better at understanding my Janome1100 memoryCraft sewing machine. Every time I use it I learn more options that this sewing machine offers. Today I misaligned some stitches and was able to work it backwards and adjust to salvage the project I was working on.

Notice the R in Mr. is where I  messed up. My machine started to burrow underneath and move my fabric slightly. I almost thought all was lost until I realized I could work the stitch count backwards and realign then continue on. I see the  mistake but of course you always makes mistakes when you’re learning and testing.

 The pillows take a good hour and a half  2.5 hours to make at the minimum.  Most people don’t realize the amount of work put in on machine embroidery. The cost of materials alone definitely don’t “conform” to saving money. Just the cost of a pillow form is at least $10-$20. For my personal pillows I’ve started creating my own pillow forms .




Even with the one little mistake I absolutely love them. I think it’s almost time to start Christmas presents with each pillow taking a good hour and a half to two hours I better get started now.