Free patterns you gotta love them ! I’m growing as a seamstress and being able to test my skills on free patterns will eventually give me ton confidence to buy them. I want to buy patterns but I really need to get better at my skills.

I make TONS of mistake…. Trust me !!!!  I sometimes think I know what Im doing and “do it my way” and usually its the root of why my clothes dont work out. Im also a shortcut person. I have to learn to SLOW down and not sip through things.  Tell me are you that way ? Im a bit ADD I guess when it comes to reading and slowing down. I just get so darn excited about seeing the results that I dont take time to enjoy the process.

I have a almost 3 year old and I love sewing for her ! There is something about little girls and there clothes that is so enjoyable to make. 

Shwinand Shwin7

My fist attempt at this adorable pattern came out PERFECT ! . Its only free in the 5-6T version. Its a little big for her and more like a dress. I also used different fabrics to create some interest.Shwinand Shwin10ShwinandShwin

The front dipped down WAY to far here. It is the perfect length for her as a dress Shwinand Shwin6Swhinandshwin15

Since the back comes up higher i took the dress and turned it around. NOW its perfect for her. I think layered with a T-shirt and leggings this will be a perfect winter outfit. When she out grows it this way we can turn it back around and make is a tunic top.

ShwinandShwin4 Shwinand Shwin9 Shwinand Shwin7 ShwinandShwin4

Just a few more because she is so darn cute !

Box pleat Tunic IMG_6642 IMG_6641

Another version with a denim oilcloth accent.