I used to be afraid of working with knits.  after understanding my serger, which I have had for at least 25 years. I’m absolutely in love with them now.

The more I practice with it the better I get. It runs so smoothly I can only imagine what a new one would feel like.

I typically like to only work with free patterns because I have such a hard time understanding them and I don’t want to waste the money. During my Instagram and Pinterest search I came across a site called Brindile and twig. She had a free Hoody pattern that was so easy to use I went ahead and bought one pattern from her hoping that this was as easy.

I ordered this adorable reverse cardigan from the website Brindile and twig. They also have some darling custom knit prints so I’m sure tiny will be getting this one soon.  

Here’s what I came up with. Lucky I’m a fabric hoarder, which means I typically have lots of things on hand so when I get inspired to create I don’t have to run to the store.


The polkadot print was from Hancock fabric on the clearance section I’m sure.    
  The royal blue I scored from a thrift shop to yards for about two bucks.

Share with me your favorite knit pattern. I haven’t made anything for myself yet but my little ones wardrobe is definitely growing.