Prudence Jacket

Fall is on its way so I wanted to try my hand as a jacket for Tiny. Trusty pinterest helped me find this little beauty.  the Prudence Jacket by Shwin and Shwin. I had already tested the Box Pleat Tunic top with GREAT success. Follow the link to see what I created.

 My thoughts on the Prudence Jacket.

This one I struggled on. The directions in my opinion we not that easy to follow.  Some how the Tunic was much easier to follow. It took me all day with a long of stopping to digest the patter directions.  I left 2 mistakes because I was to tired to tear the seams out. My lining shoulders pieces show the raw edges and the bottom peplum bottom was cut to short.

Prudence Jacket Shwin and Shwin
I decided to skip the belt portion as well be cause it just was not fitting correctly. Im not sure how this happened but I have to assume it was my  lack of reading directions.

I opted to add two snaps and bows to the front. My Little will still wear it and make good use of it.

Now that I understand the directions better. Im off to make another one !

Prudence Jacket Shwin and Shwin
Have you made this jacket ? If so can you share you link ? What issues did you have or what hacks did you make  ?